About Primark

 PRIMARK provides and specially designs and develops CNC Cutting and Engraving Machines for the Philippine Industry since 2008. We offer CNC Routers, Lasers and Plasma Machines that can endure the demanding jobs without compromising speed and accuracy.

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CNC Router

Primark CNC Routers provides the manufacturing industry in their cutting and engraving needs utilizing the machine’s precision and accuracy to their processes.



CNC Laser

Ever imagined your company making the biggest signage for your high-end clients? Primark CNC Laser takes your business to the next level. This machine can help you produce accurate and consistent output; providing your clients a wide range of options on how they can avail the best signage they could ever have. Its cutting capability ensures you to achieve your client’s demands, making this machine suitable for the growing advertising industry.

CNC Plasma

Primark CNC Plasma machine is equipped with the best and cost effective technologies in the market to answer your cutting requirements.

Primark CNC Plasma machine is integrated with Thermal Dynamics Cut Master Series that gives you confidence to cut steels of different thickness cleanly and easily, the best cutting output you can ever achieve.

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